Friday, May 25, 2012

Long Weekend

We are expecting my sister, my brother-in-law, and my son for burgers and salad on the deck.  It has been quite windy all day so we may have to move the food indoors.  I am hoping this is not a taste of how our summer activities will go this year.
I went to the cemetery this afternoon.  I usually plant some annuals by my parents' grave stone, but there is also a hosta that someone put in and it is now taking over the entire area and even covering up   the names.  I will talk to my sister about whether or not to take it out.  It sure is a healthy plant, and it keeps the weeds at bay.  Still, it would be nice to see my parents' names on the stone.
Tomorrow we will head to Connecticut for a cookout.  It is a triple birthday celebration and a send off for  the brother-n-law who has now sold his big house and will be moving into a condo.
 I have been having a hard time with picture on my new computer--getting them onto my blog, but this one worked!  I have a forest of lily-of-the-valley beside the deck and smells so wonderful.


  1. I love lily of the valley! Around here they bloomed at the start of May.

  2. Burgers sound good to me. We should have a barbecue here. We should make it very Califormia and grill mushrooms.

  3. Tom and I will be staying home for most of the weekend, doing a few more chores and just relaxing until we fly away Memorial Day morning.

  4. Lily of the Valley - an old fashioned bloom that reminds me of my mother. It's gusty here in CO, too. I'm supposed to ride bike with Grands tomorrow in 35 mph winds!

  5. Have a wonderful holiday! And thanks for getting that picture to post. I think I've mentioned before that violets and lily of the valley are two of my favorites and you just can't grow them here. Which I could smell them!

  6. Your little flower arrangement is very sweet and I'm sure it smells just as sweet. very pretty.

  7. Sounds like you may be getting some of that tropical storm residue. Hope it doesn't spoil your week end.


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