Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tomato Tunic

I sewed this tunic on Sunday afternoon.  I may save it for next halloween and dress up like a tomato.

Actually, I have made a couple of this Kwik Sew pattern.  Easy and quick--comfy and casual.

Yesterday, the temperature reached 86 degrees -- one degree shy of the record set in 2002.  I remember that heat spell of April, 2002.  I was teaching and experiencing hot flashes.  The PTO bought fans for all the classrooms at our school.  The next week was a vacation week and I (foolishly) went out and bought garden plants and (worse yet) planted them.  Of course by the following weekend the temperature dropped and it started snowing.  All my plants were killed.  I'm not falling for the tease of some warm weather this time.  It was in the 40's this morning, so not much chance of that anyway.

Freak warm days like yesterday always mean the local paper will feature lots of picutes of sunbathing co-eds.  Our own little version of the Sports Illustrated swim suit edition.  Or evidence that newspaper photographers are salacious perverts?  Or I am just cranky that I no longer have that bathing suit body?

My doctor's appointment went well.  I have not lost the pesky ten pounds, but I had lost the couple extra in the week we've been home.  I had to have a tetanus shot with whooping cough protection added.  I guess there was a big whooping cough epidemic in Vermont this past winter.  I didn't really need the tetanus for another three years so I tried to get out of it, but no dice.  I also have a prescription to take to a local pharmacy for the shingles vaccine.  I did not argue about that one although I am going to wait until next week to have it.  The grand kids are coming this week so I don't want to chance feeling punky while they are here.

I got a reminder call last week about my doctor's appointment and that was a good thing since it wasn't on my radar at the time.  I also got a call to "pre-register" me for the appointment.  I cannot figure out the purpose of that.  They just confirm the same information they ask at the doctor's office.  Seems like an unnecessary duplication of effort to me. 


  1. I cannot wear the neck on your new tunic. I have no idea why that neckline is such a disaster on me. I love the color though.

  2. Love the tunic, looks so comfy. That's why Dr. bills are so high, wages and benefits for all the staff!!

  3. I love the color of the tunic. I wouldn't wait till Halloween.
    I was lured in by the early warm temps and so far am enjoying a harvest of lettuce and kale. It is a gamble that I usually lose in the spring. So far so good though it was 41 this AM.

  4. Well if you do drop those 10 pound between now and November you'll never be able to go as a tomato!

    I love the tunic. May have to go the fabric store. I needed the inspiration.

  5. I like the tunic. It will look darling on you. It is warm here too, but it can be that way so it doesn't seem so unusual.

  6. That pretty tunic would look great with white pants. I have to hold back from planting too early, too - I've wasted good money by planting too early and getting a cold snap.


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