Monday, March 26, 2012

Feel Free to Comment

i hAveb eencon templiNg MY motivatIon for bLogGin.
ITs fin tu vIrtully conVerseZwith SmAny DiffeNt pEOpl.

OopS.  Your entry did not match the word verification.


  1. Ha, that does remind me of word vert. I am always totally amazed when my comment goes through.

  2. WV, I find, is only difficult if I try to make actual words out of it. If I just type each letter all by itself I can handle it just fine.

  3. Well done, Madam. Very clever of you.

  4. Yes, that WV has become almost impossible to read. I grown whenever I encounter it. I have removed it from my blog, so occasionally I get a bit of junk, but that's OK.

  5. And here I thought I just needed new contacts....


I appreciate readers' comments so much. You don't even always have to agree with me.