Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Some people are hat people and some people just are not.

If you are female and you ever expect to get invited to an English garden tea party, you'd best be a hat person.
Please, if you get to attend a Royal wedding...hats required:

I am not a hat person in the sense that hats do not really do much to flatter me in any way.  I am a hat person in the sense that I realize that I need a warm and woolly one when I am out walking in the cold and I need a wide brim when I am out in the sun.  I do try to time my outdoor activities so that I shower and wash my hair (hat head) after they are done rather than before.

I am also a hat person in the sense that I like to knit hats.  Recently, I completed my first somewhat successful felted hat.  Felting, if you wonder, is knitting something over sized out of wool and then shrinking it.

I have attempted some hats before but ended up with small containers.  Actually, I kind of like the containers and just finished this one on purpose to be a container.

My dear husband is not a hat person at all.  He would really prefer to have red, burning, frost-bitten ears to putting on a warm hat.  Since he has had a few scrapings of pre-cancerous lesions off his scalp, he has gotten  conscientious about wearing a ball cap when on the beach or out mowing the lawn.  Now that he is taking blood thinning medication, the scraping has been scraped.  He was prescribed a chemical cream to apply to his scalp, but he had to shave his head before applying it.  The cream goes on at night and then Vaseline goes on after a morning shampoo.

Does any one see an alternative to a cotton knit cap?

Really, I just do not know why he is so resistant to my efforts to help and keep him healthy.

PS:  So after I wrote this, I read Mercyn's post at Six Decades and Counting--Life Reinvented. It is amazing what one can learn from reading blogs.  Consider this tidbit of information that came from a German scientific study that I gleaned from her post:

men who stare at women's breasts regularly have, "lower blood pressure, a lower resting heart rate and fewer cardiovascular incidences". The activity can prolong a man's life by as much as five years. All it takes is about 10 minutes a day of boob-staring activity. 

Now this is something Mike is interested in.  He is willing to schedule this kind of activity into his day.


  1. Apparently the boob-watching thing isn't true. I leave it to you to tell Mike or not. A happy husband is a good thing whether or not his life is actually prolonged by the activity that makes him happy.... :-p

  2. That is just too funny and I am sure that study was done by a bunch of guys in a pub somewhere to spring on their wives as scientific evidence.
    Kind of like the logic teen boys used as arguments that sex would cure acne or nail biting. Pretty sure it would cure his, not so sure about the girls. Nice try fellows.

  3. Dang your funny so early in the morning. lol
    I do know we learn so much from reading blogs and make the best friends on the way.
    Love your new hat. I think from this pic you are a hat person.
    I love love hats and put one on every chance I get especially now that I am older and can get by with anything because who is going to tell a ole lady she looks funny.
    Well maybe my grandson
    Love ya honey and hope your hubby listens to you more

  4. Thanks for the mention of my blog...I am a hat lover. I don't have to spend time fixing my hair (it's never been tame), they keep me warm in winter, the sun off my face in summer, and hide face flaws better left unseen! But the British way overdo it.

  5. I love the hats. It's dress-up for adults!

  6. I will take any opportunity to wear a hat. I love hats! Plus they can hide a bad hair day.


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