Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Whew...a long trip home.  Under the most ideal of conditions, the trip between Venice and Jericho is every second of 24 hours.  We split up the trip over three days.  It is doable in two days, but then we find ourselves out of it for another two--so best to just take it a bit slower.

When we find a place to spend the night, I run the bed bug routine.  Strip the sheets from the bed.  Inspect along the seams.  Wait for the whole body itch that starts in my head to subside.  It's pretty worrisome.  I have not ever found  bed bugs, but I have found places that are way too grimy.   At this point, though, we have made the trip enough so that we pretty much stay in the same places along the way and know the places to avoid.  And sometimes, "Under New Management" doesn't mean any improvements were made.

The drive through the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia was our best taste of fall this year.  It was clear and sunny and the trees were all turning and that is just a beautiful landscape.  We did get to experience some Vermont fall color driving up the Lake Champlain valley.  At our house, the peak has passed and there is tons of work in putting the yard and gardens to bed for the season.

I am forcing myself to take the yard work step by step, one bed at a time.  Sometimes when there is a lot to be done, I keep pushing myself to get it done and I get overwhelmed.  I try to understand that certain jobs--yard and garden work, housework--are just plain never done so why wear myself out.  Is it wisdom that comes with age?  Or just lowered stamina?

Mike went for his post-cardioversion check-up today.  It was not such good news since the procedure did not work and his heart rhythm is still erratic.  They will try once again in early November.  In the meantime, all the drugs to thin his blood and prevent stroke are still in his immediate future.  Frankly, I prefer to worry about bed bugs than my husband's health. 


  1. I'm glad you had a chance to enjoy some fall color on your trip back. Our leaves are all down too, and taken care of. You are right, house and yard work are never done. (No rest for the Wicked) Will remember Mike on my prayer list, that all goes well for him.

  2. I'm hoping this comment will post (mine often don't!) Isn't the threat of bedbugs just awful?! In a recent trip to San Francisco I could hardly enjoy my lovely little room at the motel overlooking the ocean and the zoo for fear of the possible critters in hiding.

  3. Glad you arrived home safely and had a good trip there. I often let my garden stalks go until spring - I kind of like seeing them poke up through the early snow. I do need to spread the perennial seed soon, though. I hated being on blood thinner - sorry Mike must remain on his awhile longer.


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