Saturday, October 8, 2011

A look at the new home

As can be easily seen here, we are working with a very neutral color palate in our Florida place.  This is the main entry door.  We added the clock, the key hanger, the small blue rug and the place mats. 

 The window in the dining area faces directly east so we watch the sun rise over coffee in the morning.

The laundry room is off the kitchen.  I will need to get an iron and ironing board, but that was not a high priority for this trip.  I love all the storage space.
We got a rug for the screened lanai.  Mike put a new globe over what was a bare bulb on the ceiling fan.  We bought the table and chairs from a consignment shop.  There was an older table and chairs here, but this was more to our taste.  It won't hurt to have the extra chairs available and we can use the old table to hold the little Weber grill and cooking utensils.  The palm tree was left by the previous owners.  It has twinkly lights, but we have not plugged them in yet.

We put in a computer desk, a recliner, a lamp table and a small tv stand in the office area.  I will probably get myself a work desk on the next trip.

We have the very basics as far as kitchen ware and dining needs, towels and bedding.  Picking up that kind of stuff will keep me busy over the winter months.  And I will be start working on the decorative touches to color up place.  That, for me, will be the fun stuff.  I think we are both looking forward to just spending beach time for the next week, though.


  1. Lovely home. I love the color palaette. Looks very much like a seaside home (cabin). Lucky you to have found it.

  2. I seem to remember that Florida "used furniture" (and other used things) are pretty darn nice! I like your choices and the look of the whole place.

  3. I can tell you are loving every minute of this. I can imagine this will make your time in Florida so much better every year. I'll enjoy reading about it.

  4. How fun to fix up a new place. It sounds like you know where to find the bargains too!

  5. You place looks absolutely beautiful, tranquil, peaceful and full of love, are blogger friends welcome..........

  6. I esp. like the palm tree lamp -- I'd light it up every night!

  7. Your place just reeks of the marvelous Florida seaside. So clean and airy. Love what you have done to make it personal. That decor makes me a bit homesick. I am so glad you are scheduling in some beach time also.
    Arkansas Patti

  8. I'm liking the hints of blue. Very beachy.

  9. It looks so light and it. The colors are so soft. Have fun decorating!

  10. What a lovely place your making for you and hubby. I know your going to enjoy living by the seaside.
    I don't blame you about enjoying the beach. Theres always plenty of time to decorate later.
    Wish I could feel some sand and water at a beach right now myself. lol


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