Thursday, May 26, 2011

Times Flies

It was just one of those days that seem to have less the usual 24 hours.
Mike had a lucrative night on his e-bay site so that meant he was busy packing up things for shipping and I made the run to the post office.    While he was busy with his new listings for today, I wrapped up the  card and gift for his grandson who will be graduating from high school next week.  More packages to go out tomorrow.
I finished up some paperwork I was completing prior to a meeting with our lawyer.  Since Mike and I were both out and about at the same time (!) we decided to go out for a lunch.  We drove into Burlington and went to a place we like near the lake.  Today it was a lot nearer the lake than it has ever been before.  The whole ferry dock is under water.  Another BIG rain storm headed our way and more flash flood warnings go out as I sit here.
 This is getting tiresome.
I had left the car at the Ford Service.  On Tuesday, when I took it for an oil change, the mechanic noticed a fairly substantial leak in some vital part of the engine.  I had a rental to be returned today when we picked up the car all re-oiled, tires rotated and leaks fixed.  We never get extended warranties, but last winter we signed up for one for the car because of our travel back and forth to Florida.  It paid off today!
Finally, we had to drop off Mike's blood pressure monitoring for the past week at his doctor's office.  Since Mike rarely has a big lunch, I am sure he is downstairs now dozing away on the couch.
I really am wanting to get out for today's walk, but the thunder is already rumbling.  The rest of the little things I like to keep up on everyday kind of got away from me as well. I need to dust...again.  I really am sick of dusting.  What a thankless, never-ending task--Sisyphean.
There's an advantage to being so near-sighted.  If I take off the glasses, the dust disappears.  I'll bet I can function without my specs until it gets dark.  Yep, I just may go join Mike on that couch right now, put my feet up and sip an iced tea.


  1. Isn't it great to be busy, and to have the time to do it all and then rest?

  2. I say leave the dust until you're getting company. It will still be there - just a bit more of it. I liked Burlington - is it still a Bohemian city?

  3. Dust? Why let those little specks bother you. I agree with Barb. Wait until company is coming.

  4. Sipping iced tea sounds better than dusting any day!

  5. I used to not mind dusting...but after years and years of it...I agree with you. Where DOES it come from? So sorry about your weather...all over the US we have had flooding, tornadoes, excess rain. My neck of the woods has been given a week's pause, so I will not complain.

  6. Dusting is one thing I won't miss when I die. Not that I spend much time doing it.

  7. Why is it surprise visitors never come right after we clean? I have found my lessing eyesight does make cleaning easier.
    I haven't been able to leave a comment so I will try something new and sneak in as anonymous. Hope it works till blogger straightens it out.
    Arkansas Patti

  8. Please post today/Fri. and let us know you are OK.

    Bad weather last night (Thurs.) in the NE. Possible tornado sighting in your state, even.

    Yes, I think it's going to be an interesting summer, even here in the NE. Said this, in my Fri. post.


  9. Dust? Why let those little specks bother you. I agree with Barb. Wait until company is coming.


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