Monday, May 23, 2011

Idle Hands...

...are the Devil's workshop.

Even so, I guess I missed the BIG cut as it appears that I was not one of the 200 million people saved in the Rapture.  Oh, wait, I wasn't killed in a cataclismic scourge either.  But I am not making fun...the volcano in Iceland and the tornado in Minnesota give me pause.

Oh, well...I'll just have to carry on with amusing myself with scissors and glue dots.

I found this tray on the side of the road on Green Up VT day.
Why someone felt the need to throw an old cafeteria tray out their car window, I have no clue.
Why I felt the need to clean it up and decoupage it, no clue either.

I can amuse myself with beads and wire as well.
This is a pin I'll use with a scarf I am knitting.

All right.  I guess it is time that I looked for a job. A real job.


  1. Oh that ding-dang-rapture! When will people wake up, and begin to think for themselves, and get real?!?

    I'm sick, sick, sick of all religions pedaling FEAR. Sick-of-it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr...

    Off my soap-box now.

    Gentle hugs...

  2. You are SO talented. Wish I had some of that vision!

  3. I love these. You are very creative. Keep at it.

  4. You said my favorite word: Decoupage. Is there anything more therapeutic than that? Truly, I love it.

  5. I love that tray! What an awesome way to make one man's trash into such a pleasurable treasure!

  6. Olga - bite your tongue! You don't want a job - these items you're creating are fun and fabulous. No need to punch the time clock!


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