Thursday, April 7, 2011


I have no idea why I picked up this book, but I am in the middle of reading the joy of less: a minimalist living guide (how to declutter, organize, and simplify your life) by Francine Jay.  So far I have not lerarned one new thing.  In fact, I should have written this book myself.

There was an article in the Burlington Free Press the other day about Vermont high schools that are actively recruiting tuition paying students from China.  Resourceful way to address budget pinching.  Once, after hearing yet another harangue about running schools more like a business, I had thought of of sending our students to be educated in China.  You know, the outsourcing thing that businesses do.

Seriously?? Donald Trump for president?  Of the United States?
And really...what's with the duck mouth?  This is an unattractive man.  I mean, I have more substantive objections to his politics, but shallow attracts shallow.


  1. Why are you still reading that boring book? Put it down,there's too many good books in the world to waste your time reading something like that.

    I try to duck Trump if I can, but it's hard to do. He's every where.

    I'm totally exasperated with the public school system. Every time they decide to fix it they make it worse.

  2. He did complain today that we need a "GREAT" president and that Obama is not "GREAT" and this man with a history of bankruptcies and broken marriages is???

  3. I read somewhere long ago that a country or organization gets the leader it deserves. I'm beginning to believe we deserve Donald Trump - we are acting so stupid.

  4. I watched him on the Today show this morning and I had the same reaction. Seriously? Who can even consider him? It turns out there are people who do. I love you comment about him. I will try and remember it.

  5. Only think I can think of as worse is Donald and Sarah on the same ticket. Yikes.


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