Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Keeping Busy

I sorted more books at the library on Monday and then went back for the poetry workshop.  The theme for this year's program is "The Ear of Poetry."  We spend some time listening to poets read --either recorded or members of the large group--and there are amazingly talented people in our small town area.  Then we  break into small groups for work sessions.  I am really appreciating the two other women in my small group.  It's eerie how we are on the same page without having known each other from before.  (Ha!  I made a small pun.  Ear-y, get it?)
Yesterday I got out and did some cleaning up in the yard and garden--some raking and a lot of bending over to pick up debris.  I went for an exercise walk, but the yard work was much more of a workout, I think.  I can still stand upright and walk today, though.
Last night I went to a "rockin rivets" class at a local bead store.  We learned how to drill small holes in rocks and put in a silver rivet.  It was more fun than it may sound like, but I don't believe I will be adding this to my list of hobbies and I declined the opportunity to buy the flex drill.  Still, I do have all kinds of small rocks and, of course, shells all over the place...
Nope.  NO new hobbies.
It may well be that I have too much time on my hands.
I am heading out to pick up two grand children for a visit here.  Hope I can make it because there has been rain and there is quite a lot of flooding with resulting road closures.  Grand children visiting will keep me hopping for the rest of the week, but I'll try to take the occasional peek at my blog list.


  1. -chuckle- Yes, the yard work is more of an exercise for me, than a walk. But then, I only stroll, actually. :-)

    Oh yes, the visiting "Grands" will keep you hopping. Hope you have no flooding problems, with the roads.

    Enjoy your time with the "Grands." Blogging will be here, when they go home. :-)

    Gentle hugs...

  2. I join you in "NO new hobbies." I took a beading class that was fun but it was also expensive. If it costs money or takes up room in my house, I'm not into it these days.

  3. When ever I do yard work, which seems like every day now, any ritual form of exercise is cancelled for the day.
    Those rocks are kind of neat.

  4. Like Patti, if I work in the yard, that counts as my exercise for the day.
    The rock drilling is cool, but that would just be the beginning of the investment to make anything out of them. I think you are right to resist.
    Have fun with the grandkids. I'll be traveling to see mine soon, too.

  5. I think it is cool that you are reading poetry and joining others to discuss it. I also think it is really great that you are getting out in the yard and cleaning it up and getting it ready for a new season. I think it is interesting that you took a class to learn how to drill holes in small rocks. Actually, the final product is quite impressive. It is nice to know that every new experience does not have to turn into a new hobby.

    I think I need to stop working so I can enjoy retirement again. I miss days like you are having.

  6. Enjoy those grandchildren. Give them lots of hugs.

  7. I keep thinking I will get into jewelry making at some point in my life, but, so far, it hasn't happened.

  8. Hope you're now having lots of fun with the Grands. Sounds like spring there - flooding and all. I'm sure we'll have it in the mountains of CO, too, when all our snow finally begins to melt. I'll keep reminding you, "No new hobbies!"

  9. You've been busy. I like the ear of poetry idea. I always understand poetry aloud best. When it's words on a page, I have to admit that I sometimes feel confused.

  10. Olga, thank you for visiting my blog!
    My daughter & granddaughters left after 22 hours here. Delightful, but now it is my tie to sit with my lap top. Exhausted!!!!

    I love your photos.

    My two crocus bloomed. Deer ravaged both. sigh
    I did take photos, though! Such is life!
    We're only here for a time. I'd love to read the book about the cats in a nursing home. I volunteer in one and they have 2 rescue cats living there, brought in by the pet therapist person who bring in her standard poodle. It is a great facility!
    cheers from Perth

  11. Still no grandkids but I'm sure yours are a treasure for you. Not doing the rock thing I understand. You do keep busy :)


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