Sunday, March 20, 2011

Super Moon

After our Saturday night supper, Mike and I headed out to a nearby park.  The parking lot was almost full and people were lined up along the walkway, the beach and the fishing pier to watch a spectacular sunset.  When the last bit of sun sunk below the horizon, there was a mass exodus.
But Mike and I sat tight because we had come to see the rising of the super moon.  As the last red glow in the sky faded to the west, we watched the moon come up to the west.  It looked huge and pink in the reflected light.  We were awestruck.
I didn't get a good picture of the moon.  I think that was beyond the capability of our little camera.  I do hope that where ever you were, though, you were able to get a glimpse.
The sunset from Maxine Barrett Park.
a glimpse through the sea grapes.

The super moon reflected this reddish glow.
What a delightful show...and all for free for the watching.  Some days turn out to be perfect and this was such a day.


  1. Oddly my point and shoot gave me as many good (and bad) pictures as my DSLR. Of course, being the addict to photography that I am, I used both!

  2. I am especially .these days for every perfect day.

  3. a beautiful sunset and a super moon all on the same evening. You and Mike are lucky people and also smart.

  4. I love the composition with the seagrapes. Really nice.
    It was overcast here, not a peep of it. Darn.

  5. I think you did a great day with your photos. They are beautiful. We were in downtown Denver, so we really had a hard time seeing the moon.

  6. We saw the moon, but not in a lovely setting like yours.

  7. These photos do the moon justice, Olga. I didn't venture out to take its photo. Your setting for moon watching was perfect!

  8. It was too cloudy here. No super moon to see. But I forgot anyway, so I guess the clouds wouldn't have made a difference.


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