Monday, March 7, 2011

Oh, no...

Not more snow.  Mike continues to read the Burlington Free Press on line so he really didn't need the e-mailed notice that we should not expect newspaper delivery today.  Apparently, after a day of heavy rain yesterday, it turned cold again in Vermont and snowed heavily through the night.  Roads are closed, schools are closed, any non-essential travel is discouraged, and even essential travel is nearly impossible. 

Keep in mind that Vermonters typically laugh at places that shut down after a couple inches of snow.
I can't say that I miss any of that.  In fact, I am kind of having an anxiety attack just thinking about it.  I'm sure there will still be snow on the ground when we return to VT in April.

Pre-retirement, Mike got really anxious at this time of year because of the real possibility of flooding.  His shop was (still is) located next to the Winooski River.  An ice jam once sent the river water over the banks and flooded the shop.  Imagine the rust and oil clean up required after a motorcycle shop floods.  Not fun.

Ah, to not have those worries anymore...we went to the beach today and I am not even going to complain one bit that the temperatures were only in the low 70' don't hate me.


  1. So how long do stay in Florida in the winter?

  2. I don't hate you but I'm a big jealous.

  3. bit not big, although I am a rather big jealous person.

  4. FYI, on the news they just announced this was the 5th largest snowstorm in Burlington ever. And this is one of the snowiest on record. You are in the right place! My son lives in and loves Vermont. It is wonderful, but winters are too long and cold!

  5. Sure, there'll be snow when you come back, but it won't last long.
    What you will notice, more than the snow, is how gray and tired the people look.
    I recall coming back from FL one March and saying to Husband: Everybody in the north is UGLY!

  6. I won't hate you, even though it sprinkled here.

  7. Aren't you glad you only have sand spurs to worry about.
    Hope nothing you own suffers from the melt.

  8. I say, "enjoy." You are in a warm place because you chose to be. I think that is great. What others think is their problem.

  9. Just finished looking at the Burlington Free Press on-line photos of the snow storm. Still not missing it one little bit.

  10. Just found you this morning from sweet Arkansas Patti's site and I am looking forward to getting to know you.


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