Thursday, February 17, 2011

Grinding to a Halt

Uh-oh.  I was in the swing there for a while with my shawl of the floral lace pattern...til I ran out of the first skein and went to get another.  I cannot believe that I left it at home, but I must have done because it is not in my bag.  So whether I want to or not, this is a project that will go untouched for the next six weeks.

What was in my knitting bag was two skeins of sock yarn and directions for knitting toe-up, two at a time on round needles.  What was I thinking?  I've had that yarn and those directions for four years now and it hasn't happened yet.  Nor is it likely any time soon.

I'm thinking a trip to the down town yarn shop to see what Florida knitters are into is in my near future.  Perhaps an evening stroll in the moonlight.  Tonight is the once-a-month occurance of the downtown staying lit up for evening shoppers.


  1. This shawl is amazing. Now, leaving the skeins of yarn at home is something I would do. I'm sure you are very disappointed and probably a bit frustrated.

  2. I hate finding I don't have enough yarn when I'm in the middle of a project.

    Now about those socks, two at a time, and toe up. Throw those instructions in the trash and use the yarn for something sane! Those instructions must be for people who enjoy slow torture.

    The shawl is very pretty so perhaps you'll have renewed energy for it when you return home.

  3. Years ago I knitted an afghan with a pattern that looked much like your shawl, full of pretty holes. It was the only knitting project I ever undertook wherein I really truly UNDID every mistake I made. It was a triumph and a work of art, and I ended up giving it to somebody unimportant as a wedding present.
    Imagine that.

  4. That color is amazing. Too bad it must wait for you. Absence makes the heart----and all that jazz.
    Like the idea of lighting up the town for night shoppers. That would really be nice in summer when it is so hot.

  5. I started sewing a dress for my granddaughter this week. Laying out the fabric, I discovered I didn't have enough. I never exactly follow patterns, and combine fabrics, so I had miscalculated. The next morning I mas off to JoAnn's, where I found the bolt almost empty. Whew. That was close.
    Creating is fun, but there are frustrations too.

  6. The shawl will wait for your return up north. Glad you are going to find a Florida project to do.

  7. Yes, tell us the yarn truth of Florida. Seriously. I want to know.


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