Saturday, February 5, 2011


Not to sound obnoxious to my snowbound friends and family, but I took a walk to the Farmer's Market and bought some fresh strawberries.  This is their season here.  I used them for a dessert that consisted of a puff pastry shell filled with vanilla pudding and topped with the sliced berries splashed with a touch of orange liqueur.  I used instant pudding mix but used lite coconut milk instead of dairy.  Yummy.
The first time we came to Florida in the winter, I was mildly surprised to see fresh strawberries even though I'd expected to see fresh tomatoes and citrus fruits.  But, I was most surprised to see winter squashes and pumpkins freshly harvested in March.  I guess in my experience acorn squash and pumpkin season was even further away than strawberry season (June, in Vermont).
There will be stacks of fresh corn at all the produce markets pretty soon.  That is one thing we never buy in Florida.  It just does not compare to the corn we buy in August in Vermont.  Corn and, of course, maple syrup--that draws us back home.
Well, and family, too.  But, hey, family are always welcome to come visit us here!!


  1. When we were in Mexico last month we ate fresh tomatoes. They hadn't been shipped thousands of miles. They had been grown locally. Wonderful!

  2. That is worth a trip to Plant City to load up. People tend to forget Florida is a big agricultural state. I always thought Glades corn was good but I have never had Vermont corn so I can't compare.

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  4. What a life you have, Olga. Thanks for sharing it with us in such a nice way, including apologies.


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