Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Settled In

Every day feels more and more like we are home for the winter now.  I bought herbs, a pepper and a tomato plant to stick in the garden.  The woman selling plants at the Saturday morning Farmers' Market told me it was much too cold to plant basil.  Good grief, we would never have basil in Vermont if it was really such a hot weather plant.  I found a small basil plant at Lowes, where I went to get some potting soil, and planted it anyway.  I can always drag it inside if a frost is warned.  I brought this garden bag from home--picked it up at a clearance sale at Gardener's Supply.  So now my little garden is planted and we shall see how this little experiment goes.
Not only does Mike do windows, he rakes the yard.  Nice that the city picks up yard waste.  I did discover a yard pet--a black snake.  I describe it as huge, but Mike calls it just a baby.  It is very shy.  We have not named it yet.  We're open to any suggestions.


  1. Since there is no chance of herbs for me for a long while, I sure hope FL isn't too cold for yours!

  2. Basil does need hot weather...but you could bring it outside in the daytime and inside at night.

  3. What in the world is that color?? Oh yes, I remember, it is "green". Such a lovely sight after months of beige and brown.
    I used to grow a garden year round in Florida. You just have to cover them if it frosts. Not sure about basil though.
    Remember snakes eat mice. Not a bad pet to have.

  4. Hmmm...not really a fan of snakes.


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