Friday, December 10, 2010

It's Cold

I woke up at some very early point this morning and actually had to pull a blanket over me.  I am rarely cold while I'm sleeping--probably because I fortify myself with piles of pillows.  The thermometer reading was below zero this morning so I guess the need for a blanket wasn't too crazy.  It's managed to roar all the way up into the mid-teens this afternoon.  Looks like all that snow is not going to melt any time soon--and another storm is predicted for the weekend.  I may have to join the other seniors at the mall for my exercise walks--when my exercise is not shovelling.

We got the package to California off today, along with a stack of Christmas cards.  Mike took care of the standing in line at the post office hassle.

We had a card with letter from friends in New Zealand.  Shuts me up about complaining about the weather.
After years of buying-restoring-reselling (aka flipping) houses, the bought a grogeous historic property--then got hit hard by the earthquakes this past September.  They still experience enough aftershocks that they cannot begin any kind of restoration.

I wonder if there is anywhere that is free from the worry of extreme weather?  Maybe in another galaxy?


  1. Have I just forgotten the kind of weather we had when I was a child? I do remember going to storm cellars in the middle of the night to escape tornados. The last year or so the weather has made me wonder what's coming next.

  2. Well, we have good weather here, but we pay for it with earthquakes (like your friend), traffic, and smog.

  3. There's something to worry about everywhere. If it's not Mother Nature, it's us all trying to do each other in.

  4. Un uh--ain't no paradise anywhere, just degrees of such.
    Stay warm and enjoy the pretty.


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