Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Peek at November

The neighbors' lovely woodland garden at rest for the winter.

This is what we call a sunny November day here in Vermont.

This is what remains of the gorgeous autumn color.
The mountain is both cloud and snow covered.
It's the time of year when we really notice the darkness.  The gardens are covered with their blankets of mulch, asleep for the winter.  The skies are mostly steely and grey.  There is a quietness all the more noticeable from the ruckus of the occasional flock of honking geese making their trip to their winter homes. 
Perhaps when ours was a more agrarian society, it was easier to sense the rhythms of Nature and embrace this time of year as the time of much needed rest for both body and soul.  That is the way of Nature, after all, that all living things need a period of rest and renewal.  So I am not going to curse the darkness.  I am going to light a small candle for my intentions. leaf through a spiritual seed catalog, and keep watch for the richness and meaning in this life.


  1. What a good attitude. I'll try to follow your example. Yes indeed, people need the four seasons as much as the rest of nature does.

  2. Very nicely said and a great way to look at winter. Thanks.

  3. The gray is with us also here in the Pacific Northwest. We still have some color, though. By next week we'll look like Vermont.


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