Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mad Hatter

One crotcheted hat,
Two Fleece hats, and
Three small knitted hats.

I have been on a hat making binge for a while.  I have a fleece jacket I made from the tan fleece on this hat and i lined another jacket with the flower print fleece, so I will keep this hat.

As I am sitting here at the computer I can watch two birds fluttering around under the eave outside the window.  I know Mike filled the feeder today, so they can't be begging for food.  Maybe they just want to come in and get warm and dry.  Maybe they just want to visit with the two glass cardinals that sit on the window sill.  Maybe they are just jealous of those two glass birds because they are inside.  Oh, now there's a mess of them and they are banging at the window...Alfred Hitchcock...


  1. Maybe they want to borrow your hats for spring nests ;-)

  2. Ah, Tabor beat me to it. Second guess is that the warmth inside might be the big draw.
    Cute hats.

  3. I've been felting purses! Easy peasy for someone with limited crafting skills.


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