Friday, October 15, 2010

Round One

I had my mammogram this week and got the all-clear report.  Mike went to the dermatologist and will have to return to have some squamous cells removed.  He likes to tell me these are not the concerning kind.  I like to tell him to wear sun screen. 
He also went to have some blood work down in preparation for his physical.  I hope fervently to avoid having blood work at my upcoming physical.  I had some drawn last year.  The phlebotomist (?) made vampire jokes, which I did not find at all funny.  I have zero sense of humor about needles being poked into my body.
He has his eye exam out of the way and I have mine coming up in November.  We both have dentist appointments.  When my parents were my age they had false teeth.  I'm hoping to avoid that until I no longer know or care if all my meals are whirled up in a blender.  Electric toothbrush, rubber gum stimulator, floss and fluoride rinse--every day.
Keeping up with these check-ups and tune-ups is practically a job this time of year.  It used to be I did all these routine things during summer vacation so it is actually nice to not have to waste a summer day sitting in a waiting room anymore.
Well, I am not complaining--or I better not be-- because, really, way too many people who are near and dear to us are actually spending full time undergoing medical treatments and procedures.  Gratitude is what is called for here.
Not related to anything medical, but somehow good for my mental health--I got my hair cut--really cut, not just trimmed off dry and split ends.  Not one word from my loving hubby, but I really like it.  And, seriously, So much more important for me to be happy.


  1. I remember back when I was married, I would get my hair cut and my husband wouldn't notice for a week or so, but when he did, he would get mad and talk about how bad it looked. One of the 1000 reasons I divorced him.

  2. You are smart to keep on top of things, but it does seem like we spend a lot of time on exam tables as we age.
    Understand your fear of the blood suckers. I have difficult veins and it takes a skilled person not to have to fish for them. When I find a guy that can do it quickly and easily, I almost feel like proposing.


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