Sunday, October 3, 2010

Frosty Morning

It was here this morning--a covering of frost on the car and the lawn.  Now we know it is really autumn. 

I took a ride to my daughter's yesterday.  She was busy preparing and painting the floor in Kristen's new bedroom.  My son-in-law had put the windows in and was working on siding the house exterior.  So it was play time for grandma and the kids and we were off and running for the day--plenty of silliness and fresh air.  I slept really soundly last night.  I probably wasn't the only one.  Great to have fun and feel useful at the same time.

Today was spent doing some "put the gardens to bed" chores.  It's a process, a work in progress.  The garden I can most easily see from the house is still ablaze with marigolds and phlox so I can hang onto that summertime feeling a bit longer even as I put the sandals in storage boxes (ready to load into the car for the trip to Florida in January) and pull out the thick socks.

Speaking of socks and shoes--Mike went out to buy himself a new pair of walking shoes--maintaining his collection of footwear to three pair of shoes, two pair of sandals, and a pair of winter boots.  Oh, and a pair of L.L. Bean leather moccasins.  Maybe he still has his motorcycle boots hanging around somewhere, I  don't know.  His new shoes are pretty much identical to the pair he threw out, except they are not yet cracked across the toe boxes, worn through by the big toes, and flapping the soles with each step.  Really needing new shoes--not a concept I can wrap my head around.  Needing because I just want them--because that's such a pretty color or that's such a soft leather--that's my modus operendi.  It's good that we are each so accepting of the others foibles.


  1. Your report of fall approaching does my heart good. Still I do not understand wanting to visit Florida.

  2. I'm learning to foresee the seasons with you, Olga. You write so beautifully about them.

  3. Good thing for the shoe industry that women are out there keeping it afloat. Men would drive them right out of business.
    Glad you still have some garden hanger ons.
    We hit the mid thirties for the first time this AM.
    Florida in January is a good thought. By then, the fun of being house bound and the beauty of bitter cold are wearing thin.

  4. Frost! Not here yet but today is rainy and very cool...52F. I want a longer faaalll!


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