Thursday, September 9, 2010


I spent yesterday replenishing the larder--a huge investment of time and cash.  Then, today, I went out to get some cherry juice for Mike since it is supposed to be good for flushing out the uric acid that causes gout.  Then, I had to run out to the store once again.  I have been thinking, "Mike's birthday next Thursday," for nearly two weeks now.  I just didn't realize until sometime this afternoon that "next Thursday" had actually arrived.  I'm a terrible wife.  Happy Birthday, Mike!


  1. You are a good wife. You went to the store the day after big grocery shopping to buy cherry juice for Mike's gout. How great and giving is that?

  2. You better shape up! Bob and I are guilty of forgetting each other's birthdays.

    Hope Mike gets his gout under control quickly.

  3. Actually, you sound like the average husband.
    Did you put a bow on the cherry juice? That would work.

  4. Happy Birthday Mike! And you're a lovely wife! You dedicated a post to your husband! ;-)))


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