Tuesday, September 14, 2010

No Ifs, Ands or Butts

Margaret, Margaret, Margaret, why, why, why did you have to write about flat butts???  For two weeks now I have done nothing but notice the flat derrieres of women of a certain age and beyond.  This, of course, includes myself.  I notice saggy pants just ahead of me in the line at the grocery store.  Right away I have to check my own rear in the window reflection.  Oh, no!  Another pair of pants for the donate bag.  I cannot leave my house without trying on, checking out and then changing at least three times.  One thing for sure is that going out in sweat pants--well, unless you consider a soggy diaper the height of chic--just don't go there.

Then of course there are the bodacious booties of the college girls and younger women with personal trainers and life long gym memberships sashaying around in their skinny jeans and jeggings.  My envy seems lecherous and unseemly. 

I should revel in my mature body and the life journey it has brought me.  I should appreciate the wisdom that life has taught me.  I'll work on that...right after I get back from my shopping trip.  I'm of to buy a number of voluminous skirts.


  1. I think long full skirts are the answer. When I look at pictures of myself in pants that I think are quite cute in person, I am horrified. One of my problems is that, if they fit in the waist, they are too big in the butt. Yes, skirts are the answer.

  2. What a hoot!! Perhaps long skirts are the answer, hmmmmm, have to think about that.

    Am I going to be able to wear my colorful hand knit socks with skirts? Probably not. Booo on skirts.

    I've never had anything but a flat butt so I never expect more. Pants do look bad on those kind of folks. Just this morning I ordered another pair of pants hoping to get rid of the droopy butt look.

    Currently I have no dresses in my closet and only one skirt (in case of a funeral). If we go to skirts we're going to use yards and yards of fabric. Is that in keeping with your save the earth philosophy?

    I can't imagine wearing skirts again. Tell me I can wear my knitted socks and I'll agree to at least think about it.

  3. YOu know that they make butt falsies, don't you? LOL

  4. I saw someone on "Say Yes to the Dress" with a butt falsie on. I don't think I could stand that...it would be like sitting on a pillow all day!

  5. I enjoy skirts some of the time. Longer ones. And if you are just puttering around the house I would suppose the knitted socks are fine with them. Try denim skirt with the socks. My husband is a pastor, so I have to dress up on Sundays- other than that - it's jeans or skirts. I love the winter when sweaters go with both skirts or pants. -- What ever is comfortable!


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