Monday, July 12, 2010

The Sun Smiles Down

A woman from Milton, Vermont took this picture over the weekend and it was published in the Burlington Free Press. It's amazing that someone would actually have a camera at the ready for an opportunity like this.
A sudden and completely uncharacteristic burst of energy hit me this morning. By ten a.m., I had my two cups of coffee, finished the crossword and sudoku puzzles, washed up the breakfast mugs and coffee pot, taken a walk and pruned two lilac bushes. It is supposed to get up into the 90's again today--it's been about seven years since we've had a nice hot summer like this here--so I won't feel the least bit guilty about sitting with my book and a pitcher of lemonade this afternoon.
I've been experimenting with drying herbs from my garden. I put some mint and some Greek oregano in the microwave. It dried them out fine. Time will tell if the flavor lasts through this process, but the kitchen smells nice.


  1. Oh my, I do not share your love of hot summer days. Texas cured me of that. I can still feel the heat from the sun on my skin. I don't like it.

  2. Tell me how long you put the herbs in the microwave for - I may want to dry some mint and basil.

  3. Olga- how long does it take in the microwave? Somewhere I remember hearing 25 seconds. Is that right? I have been meaning to do that also!Thanks for the reminder! As for me--- I prefer the winter! Hot is too hot!!! ;-)


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