Thursday, July 15, 2010

Food Thoughts

A dentist visit yesterday, for the replacement of an old filling, no big deal. My fillings are all very old and starting to crack. We made a plan to replace them slowly over the next few years--with luck the job will be done before any major problems arise. I would so hate to have a career that involved having my hands in other peoples' mouths all day, but I'm glad that there are people willing to do it.
Today I went into town again and picked my son up for a sushi lunch. I confess to being completely inept when it comes to chopsticks. I just cannot get the hang of them at all. I eat sushi with my fingers. Is that so wrong?
It was a major bold step for me to ever try sushi in the first place, and as it is, I have only ever tried vegan sushi. I was reading the June O magazine (at the dentist's office) and there was an article about food aversions. The author was dismayed that her husband refused to ever try beef tongue and then she mentioned a woman who trained herself to eat foods served in China--like goose intestines, bee larvae, scorpions, and tendons from a cow's throat.
I never really considered myself a very picky eater, but after reading that I'll have to say that I really am pretty picky. I'd say Mike is worse, but he really isn't--we just don't happen to like all the same things. One thing, though, after reading that article, I told him I would never ask him to "just taste it" again.
His reply..."Good!!"

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  1. It is amazing what we will eat if we just don't know what it is.
    Won't say there are things I will never eat for I have never really been hungry.
    There certainly are things that will be the last to pass my gums. I'd have to be pretty hungry for "tendons from a cow's throat."


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