Monday, July 5, 2010

Boomy Lights

Friday, we headed out very early to go camping. The place where we like to go is not an organized camp ground. There are a limited number of primitive camp sights on the pond and it is first-come-first-serve. We knew that, being a holiday weekend, it was likely to be more used that it would ordinarily.

Since we have retired, we really try to make out camping trips mid week. It's less "crowded" for us and we are not taking a space from people who only have the weekends off. This time, though, July 4th weekend happened to be the first time in five or six weeks where the weather reports were predicting three nice days in a row. We decided to take the chance.

We didn't get the camp site we like the most, but we did find a new site across the pond. It worked out nicely. We pitched the tent near the water's edge. The weather turned much warmer and, since out camp faced to the west, we had lots of afternoon sunshine and a great view of the setting sun. With the lingering daylight of a northern summer, we sat out under the stars sipping wine and talking. It was just a quiet and relaxing time.

The best part--NO BUGS. That has never happened before. We did not even take the insect repellent out of the bag the whole time we were there. Honestly, I don't know where they went, but I did not miss them one bit.

We got home in time to have supper and then drive back down the hill to the next town. Richmond has a big annual Fourth celebration that ends with quite a good fireworks display. There was a large, mellow crowd--lots of kids with those neon shining tubes wrapped around them dancing around, a band playing before the fireworks started, people really seeming to have a good time. We are not usually crowd people, but this was fun. So our quiet weekend went out with a boom.


  1. Our week-end was the same as every week-end except our kids came over for hamburgers.

    Glad to see you're back in the land of blogging.

  2. Wow, that sounds perfect, especially the no bugs part.


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