Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bandaids and Prozac

I am in full on self-destruct mode lately. I don't remember pinching my finger, but somehow I did and it was unbelievably painful for a while. Yesterday I was cutting the sucker branches off the tomatoes. Since I neglected to put on my garden gloves before starting this task, my fingers were quite green--green enough so that I mistook my ring finger for a branch and hacked at it with the garden shears. This morning was spent scrubbing out the insides of the kitchen cupboards. I wasn't quite finished when I dropped a bowl and it shattered. I managed to immediately slice into the same left thumb, and then step on a sliver of glass that is now stuck painfully in my heel. I've gone through these cycles often enough. When I start covering myself with scrapes, bumps, bruises, and cuts, I know a depressed mood is on the way. Fortunately, I've also done this often enough to get on the meds and stop it in a timely fashion.


  1. Quick, hit the Prozac. Do whatever you need to stop that depression in its tracks!

  2. Yikes, do what is necessary to ride out the self destruct mode. When I need to mellow, I just visit Wanda at
    with speakers on.
    That puts me right with the world again.

  3. Hey you! Take care of your self! I hate when those things start to happen. Good thing you can step into action quickly to avoid getting any more down! Hope you're smiling by now!

  4. It all started when you went to that scrapbooking party. Big mistake.

  5. Thanks, and that is a beauty of a blog.


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