Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Finishing Touch

I picked up a hanging planter for the finishing touch to the deck. I hope I can manage to keep it looking good. Summer is not that long, after all. I don’t fret over plants in the ground, but for some reason plants in planters throw me for a loop. I have bad planter booju…a word I made up, but it’s not a good thing.
However, the nursery owner was effusive in his praise of my good taste in picking this arrangement and a random nearby customer was sure that I must be an artist for my eye in selecting this particular pot. I’m such a sucker for flattery. I plunked down the money on the spot. It’s always embarrassing to think about afterwards!


  1. Well, it is a beautiful pot of flowers. I'm with you....I fret over them also. It gets so hot here that potted flowers can die very quickly if not attended. I'm working hard to keep my flower boxes blooming this summer.

  2. I love hanging baskets. I'll have to post about the hanging petunia baskets here sometime, they are huge.

    I'm behind on blogging from having company but I'm catching up. I would have bet money you would purchase an American Girl doll for your granddaughter. The doll looks quite smashing in her new clothes. Good for you.

  3. That's a beautiful hanging planter. Good choice! Next week after we are moved I want to pick up a couple of hanging baskets of flowers for our new front porch. I will have to decide on the color and what kind!! Something hardy!! Maybe petunias!!


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