Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Something is very wrong. We got back to Vermont and the weather was warmer over the past weekend than it was the whole time we were in Florida. It was an unusually cold winter in Florida, but it has been a an unprecedented warm spell in Vermont. March, 2010, was the warmest in Vermont recorded history.
The grass looks green, buds are out on our maple trees, lilac bushes, and crab apple trees. The daffodils are all up and some have already bloomed. Birds are flocking in the meadow behind us. This never happens until the third week in April (and that would be early). I wish I could just enjoy the springness of it, but instead, I cannot help feeling that we will pay for the nice weather in the end. Last year we had a frost in June. It is not unusual for the weather to turn cold again in April. I've seen plenty of snow in May. In 1993, it spit snow on Memorial Day weekend. What happens to all those early bloomers when we get the inevitable frost? Nice, springlike weather in Vermont this early in the year?? I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. Such a cynic!

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