Friday, April 30, 2010

Some News Items

I recently read that auto engineers in Germany are working on a technology that would allow one to steer one's car via eye gaze. Instead of a steering wheel guiding the car, the car would just go where the driver is looking? Gosh, that sounds dangerous and I can't say that I even begin to grasp what might be the advantage to such a system. Well, I guess if Mike mowed over a co-ed as he was driving by the university he could no longer deny that he was, in fact, looking! (Just a little joke. Mike doesn't take me seriously. No one else should either.)

This was an Associated Press story headline in today's Burlington Free Press: Iceland, Cyprus post lowest death rates. The story states, "Men in Iceland and women in Cyprus have the lowest risk of dying worldwide, a new study says." Now I am certainly no math whiz, but isn't the death rate, like, 100%, really?? I'm just saying...


  1. My goodness but that car doesn't sound safe! I can't help but gaze around while I'm driving!

  2. Love your new picture!

    I had a friend once who drove in the direction she was looking. I hated riding with her. You had to watch her every minute or she'd be off the road in the gravel, then she'd make a quick turn and whip the car back on the road. Finally I said "No more, I'm not riding with you anymore."

  3. Wonder where texters would wind up? I'd hate to drive watching the road constantly. That can put you to sleep.


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