Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Forever Blowing Bubbles

Okay, after my family Christmas gathering a few years ago, I was loading up the dish washer. It was quite late. I was quite tired. I had been planning, and shopping, and cooking for a few days. The party was pleasant. I enjoyed a glass of wine (or two, or maybe even three) throughout the evening. Mike was going to bed, but I wanted to get the dish washer started. He watched me squirt the Dawn dish washing liquid into the dish washing machine and apparently had the thought that something was not right but only managed to say, "see you in the morning."
I went downstairs (we live in a raised range style house) to sit by the dwindling fire in our den, sip that last glass of wine, and reflect on the satisfaction of a family that can get together, share a meal , and have a nice time enjoying each others' company. I remember that the 11 o'clock news was coming on when I started to hear "drip, drip, drip." I went to investigate and saw water dripping from the ceiling just behind the television.
"Well this is strange," I thought, and I went upstairs to see if the toilet was overflowing. Of course that was not the problem. The kitchen was filling up with soap suds and water covered the floor. I turned off the dish washer and ran down to the garage to get the wet vac, which took up residence in the kitchen for the next three days while I would run the empty dishwasher and suck up suds as they oozed out.
It's just when you think you have life under control that you really have to watch out. Oh, and here's a household tip from a Martha wannabe: Don't put liquid dish detergent meant for the dish pan into the dish washer...unless you want a really, really clean kitchen floor.

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  1. Oh, yuck. There's only one thing worse than that, in my opinion, and that is when your septic system backs up!


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