Thursday, December 3, 2009

December So Soon

PhotoXpress The unseasonably warm weather has continued right into the beginning of December. Today was actually record-breaking warm with temperatures into the 50's. Yesterday we drove down to deliver the Advent banners to the grand children. I got a bit of grand children fix and Mike went to visit a couple of his friends from the motorcycle world so it was pleasant all the way around.
Today, I dragged out some Christmas decorations. I have cut way back--no longer decking out every room in the house--but it is nice to have the candle lights in the front windows and some wreaths hanging at the door. Since we head out for Florida right after Christmas, I now thing about the "putting away"as much as the preparations. In fact, I would be happy with just a table top tree, one that I could plant in the back, but Mike still likes the big tree in the living room. We live near a huge tree farm (or two), so it is kind of an easy purchase. We'll probably go cut a fresh tree some time late next week.
Also today I baked the Scottish shortbread...and put it all in the freezer as soon as it was cool so as not to be tempted to gobble it up for dessert after tonight's supper. Tomorrow, I'll take a trip to Costco and get supplies for the Ukrainian nut bread, English toffee, and Rugelach cookies. I used up all my butter today. The one thing from my childhood Christmas table that I do not do is my grandmother's suet pudding. It was really good with raisins and a brandy sauce, but one has to draw the line somewhere!
Oh, and temperatures in the 50's here in Vermont means people are out and about in shorts and tee shirts. Typically, we would have had a major snow storm by now. When we are in Florida (Venice, a subtropical climate), temperatures in the 50's mean coats, hats, and mittens and news bulletins warning you to keep your pets inside. It's all relative.


  1. We may pass on the road as I will be coming back from Royal Palm Beach Florida right after Christmas.
    I know Venice well as I went to school in Sarasota. Lovely town. Enjoy and have a safe trip.

  2. You've definitely put me in the Christmas spirit. We've all got our coats on: it's 68.

  3. Ah yes- it has been very warm in Pa. also. But today we have snow, at long last.The kids and I have been waiting for it.The flakes are large and wet- but it's white and lots of it coming down. Helps to put us in the Christmas spirit. We get a live tree too, but leave it up till Jan. We winter it out in NE PA. No sunny Florida for us!!


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