Friday, November 6, 2009

Playing with Food

Well, today I read on another blog ( about the art of baragami. I love learning new crafts so I was excited.

This art of toast (yes, as in cooked bread) arranging is further detailed at this site-- It's too funny.

In my early forties, I had a toast related break through. I had suffered through a bleak and debilitating bout of depression but had finally reached the light at the end of that particular tunnel. Anyway, I burned the toast for my breakfast one morning. I scraped the black off into the sink, buttered two slices, and was bringing a slice to my mouth when it hit me...NEWS FLASH...I didn't have to eat burned toast. I threw that burned toast away and it was such a liberating feeling. I deserved delicately browned toast and that is what I was going to have!


  1. Love those little epiphanies. My life changed when I realized I didn't have to finish a book if I didn't like it.

  2. Olga, thanks for the visits and thanks for the link here. I plan to hang around a while and read - as soon as I have some time.


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