Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I never even knew how fast a cucumber can grow. One day there's a baby cuke hanging on the vine and the next day there's a monster cucumber. The grand children love cucmbers so that helps get rid of what we cannot eat, but I also decided to try my hand at canning some pickles. I didn't really have a bushel of cucumbers to go about the process that I remember my mother and grand mother taking on, but I had enough to make a batch of one quart jar and one pint jar. I'm going to say that it would not be at all true to say that making a small batch is just as much work as making a large batch, but it is a process. So now we wait. My grand daughter asked, as I was sealing up the jars, "Can we eat them now?" I told her no, that they had to cure for twelve weeks. "Well, why did you invite us here today then?" was her response to that. Like they might not be around again in twelve weeks. Those kids love cucumbers but they LOVE pickles.

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