Saturday, August 15, 2009

Just Another Saab Story

I bought the car of my dreams in 2003. It was a Saab 9-3, steel grey, that cost me exactly as much as our first house. I didn't look at other cars. I didn't read consumer reports. I just always wanted a Saab and I could afford it at the time. It was painful to part with that much money, but I promised myself I would do everything right as far the regular maintenance, take good care of the car and it would last me for the rest of my driving life. Something that cost that much should last forever. But, hello, LEMON. One thing after another. I've spent nearly three thousand dollars on it just in the past two and half months and now I can't afford it. Lights are flashing at me, telling me to make a safe stop and call the dealer immediately. Who needs this aggravation? I am so very disappointed with that vehicle. Aside from the mechanical/electrical things going haywire, the final straw is that the interior of the car looks worn out. The numbers are worn off the radio buttons, the interior trim is all chipped, the decals have worn right off. I'm going car shopping!!

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