Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I have noticed a couple of spots along the roads around the house that have a pattern of accumulated litter. Specifically, there are two different spots where a serious number of coffee cups cover the ground for a twenty foot stretch or so. Both happen to be within just about the driving distance it would take to drink a cup of coffee purchased at nearby convenience store. My assumption is that a regular traveller stops at the convenience store, purchases his or her morning cuppa, drinks it on the way to work each morning, and tosses the empty cup out the window in or near the same spot each day. Has to be some one very neat, obviously, because who wants garbage piling up in the car. Or, more likely, some one who is very RUDE.

Really, I am a knee-jerk liberal by nature, but I do contemplate setting aside my otherwise firm opposition to the death penalty when it comes to dealing with litterers. Okay, extreme perhaps, but how about a tax on food purchased at fast food and convenience places--a hefty tax like they put on cigarettes and liqueur. Generate some money for highway cleanup or to add to public health funds.

Or how about a little bag to hold junk until it can be disposed of properly? How about a re-useable coffee mug??

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