Thursday, April 23, 2009

Doll Clothes

When my grand daughter visits she often wants to make doll clothes for her American Girl doll. At times, we've had quite the production line going. It was rainy today and Mike has gone to an antique motorcycle meet in Pennsylvania so, having the day entirely to myself, I got into some sewing--completed 2 pair of denim jeans and a denim jumper for the AG. I ordered some more patterns--gonna try some fancier duds.

The picture is my own doll. I've had her since I was seven. I knit the hat, sweater, and booties and sewed up the pants last fall. The silouette is another minor area of collecting.

You know, I read other people's blogs and I really start to feel like I don't have much focus, or at least I don't have one strong singular passion. Dabbler, I'm definitely a dabbler.

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