Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I finished the sweater vest I had started in February--working around the osteo-arthritis during the chilly evenings of February and the too-perfect-weather-to-be-inside of the past couple of weeks.

I had seen a similar project in an ad in a knitting magazine. The ad indicated pattern and yarn came in a kit, but when I went online to order, the kits were no longer available. The pattern was available for $5.00. I certainly don't mind paying for a pattern--that's some one's work after all. The thing was the shipping cost for the pattern was $5.75 and I balked at paying that. Honestly, had the pattern been $10.00 and the shipping $1.00 I'm quite sure I wouldn't have found it so outrageous.

This is completely a sign of old age, I guess, remembering the 3 cent stamp! I used to put together little trinkets and candy packages to send to the grand kids for Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween. Last year, the postage costs were way more than anything that was in the packages I sent off. I mean, the first option the postal clerk offered for a package of two coloring books and some stickers from the dollar store--$20.00 for next day delivery. Got me thinking cards are nice.

Anyway, the sweater vest is finished. It's made with Reynolds Saucy, a cotton yarn that I purchased at the local yarn shop. I used an old pattern for a sleeveless sweater, but added the lace effect up the middle of the front. It took less than four 100 yd. skeins so now I have extra to make some wash cloths.

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